A big Thankyou to everyone who submitted possible names. We discussed backgrounds and other matters as we worked our way through May.

Ladies and Gentless, I would like to introduce you to

La Comtesse Gwendolena Isabella de Glastonbury

Originally just named Gwendolena by the child’s father, linking back to her birth place of Glastonbury, England. See Wikipedia Gwendolyn.

Granmère added Isabella when she made the decision the girl was to be taken to America. Queen Isabella of course having had a great deal to do with the Christopher Columbus expedition.

Clearly the de Glastonbury was to help the child know where her life began and the

La Comtesse was because Granmère’s title was thus.

In day to day situations the doll is referred to as Isabella but after traveling to the American frontier she is simply called Bella.

Once again, my heart felt thanks for your assistance in this matter.

As we roll into June, I find I  have a sequence dilemma I would like to ask for your help with.

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A rose by any other name…

source and info 


I have received these suggestions:

Ava – by Ali

“Mattie” Short for Matilda. Isabel or Isabella…Bella.
Caroline or Carolina. – by Kim

 Tonia, ADÉLAÏDE, Adeline, Emile, Isabella – by Wendy

 Bernice Pearl – by Katy

Josette, Fantine, Aimee, Cosette, Estella , Mathilde, Margot, Manon & Paulette – by Debbie

Darlene, Dollie, Roxie and Zaida – by Valerie

“Keitha, Winifred, Gwendolyn, Fae – by Jennifer (there is a Winifred already, one of The Aunts.)

Minnie Belle  by Jim.His Grandmother’s name.

Have I missed your suggestion?

Any other suggestions? 

read the excerpts – T is where the The doll is mentioned…

Deadline is the night of  Thursday 31st May 2012 my time, ie Brisbane Australia.

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