Meet the author

Thanks for stopping by…

I am Jane. It is May 2012.

It is some six years since I began ‘The Avalon Journals’. Then my mother became seriously ill and I left the 110,000 words sitting in a bottom drawer. The she died.

I used the A-Z April 2012 challenge to dust them off with a view to completing this work. Therefore I welcome your comments. Please be honest but kind. Nice. Criticise the work not me.

At the moment these writings are almost a trilogy and called ‘The Avalon Journals’  No don’t think King Arthur or Merlin, don’t go there…

Also at the moment I cannot imagine calling them anything else.

Below is an image of the area near Colorado Springs, south of Denver, in the Millenium state of Colorado USA. The location of much of what is already written. Image source.


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