Writing Regency style

I recently, and unexpectedly turned my hand to writing in the Regency genre. It was to be a short story for a friend, for a special occasion. However as these things do, it evolved and grew…currently on it’s way to becoming a Novella…

This is how it begins…

(Emma, is of course from Jane Austen’s book ‘Emma‘ as are other characters however a whole cast of new people are part of the larger story….)

Emma and Harriet on a happier occasion

Emma – this version

Whilst it was true that Emma Knightly had now lived almost twenty-three years with little to distress or vex her; we find her late on this Wednesday afternoon very vexed indeed. Had her beloved father been present he would have been concerned to see his youngest daughter frowning over her carpet stitching.

It was not just the task at hand, but also,that she felt she really must pursue the stitching as her friend Harriet Martin had decreed this work to be the most fashionable task for married ladies. Emma, of course, could not quite come-to-terms with the former Harriet Smith influencing the activities and style of the ladies of the local county….

These thoughts as much as the twisted threads were most vexatious to Emma. She sighed heavily.
Mr knightly opened the library door just in time to hear his wife mutter

‘Oh really Harriet’.

He therefor was surprised to find The latest Mrs Knightly completely alone. He was not happy to see the frown creasing her forehead.
‘Dearest Emma’ he stepped to her side and kissed her cheek. ‘What has Harriet done now?’
‘Oh it is nothing,  I suppose’ Emma happily cast the carpet stitching aside. ‘How was your day?’

Mr Knightly stood warming himself before the fire.
‘Most pleasing. Yes a successful day’ He noticed Emma looked less than interested. He had become aware that his bride was generally not interested in the running of the estates, both Donwell Abbey, and his father in law’s property Hartfield, where they all resided. However he knew what did interest her.

‘My dear I have news, and I know how you love news’
‘Oh yes’ Emma clapped her hands in delight. News is my most favorite thing. After you of course’. She peeped through her lashes and marveled again that her Mr Knightly had truly become hers.

Emma and her Mr Knightly.