A generous act and what happened next

I’ve just dusted off a scene and added the recipe as a comment submission to Ella’s Blog 

Click on the image to get to a great article about strawberries.


The Journal Writer

Back here I posed a question. As I continued to read Les Miserables a project I set myself (which is mentioned in that same post) I began to find my answer…

Other reading shed further light and I finally found just who is telling the story. I was a little surprised to find it was a man. To find that it is Aiken.

I clicked over to HNSSydney on Facebook to discuss writing from a man’s point of view…did some research and now I am also reading Henry James ‘Daisy’ written in 1878.  I was actually surprised to locate this text online but I did and it was free.

All of this goes some way to explain why I have fallen behind in Jeff Goins 15 Day Challenge. But I am about to catch up and spring to the finish line.

This is what I imagine the more mature Aiken looks like…Yes it is George Clooney but in my head with a few adjustments to his appearance, this is Aiken Hopkins.

s o u r c e 

and this song’s lyrics evoke his love for one woman.

Welcome and why

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