Writing Beautifully

It used to be, in days of yesteryear, that writing had to look beautiful regardless of what it was saying. It was a lovely art form, largely lost now. Generally books are pictures or text. Just occasionally there is the mix of both worlds.This is something I have been thinking about of late.

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Who is the story teller?

In the middle of the night, I woke up cold. This is common at the moment. I began to think, this is also common but also risky,

I am currently in a personal challenge to read Victor Hugo‘s ‘Les Miserables’ before the new movie version is released in December.


I was struck with an oddity…all of a sudden the narrator’s voice disappeared and VH made a comment about a person mentioned in the story being a relative ‘of the writer’.

Whoa. Or Woh! If you prefer….

That pulled me up short. My 1st thought? I don’t think you are allowed to do that…come out of character and flog something in your interest…

Wether you are, or not he has done it, and who am I to argue to with the great Victor Hugo.

Not withstanding my writing an essay in University stating my view that Wordsworth was not really a great poet but rather a great editor. Ahem. 

The liberties of Mr Hugo aside I found myself thinking about who is the storyteller in ‘The Avalon Journals’. Who wrote them? What is the point of view? From whence does it originate?