Day 12: Provoke

Provoke. Question something through your writing. This is worthy of great thought. I am reading Les Mis at the moment. That, and this Day 12 and Life are causing the great thought.


Day 11: Declutter

On Friday I announced I was about to undertake the Great Office/Studio Purge.
I was ruthless and made significant inroads.
As to decluttering one’s writing. This can be a challenge.
Using twitter where we need to write economically – 140 characters – or writing Drabbles – 100 word narratives, with a beginning a middle and an end – Can be good training. Stephen King in his quintessential book ‘On Writing’ discusses this subject. Ah I recall the evocative example ‘Plums Deify‘. Well, they do, don’t they?

Day 10: Share

Share. Now this is my territory. I love to share,credit and lift.
In the bible it is said this way ‘…cast your bread upon the waters and it shall return into you two fold ‘
In other words when you share lift give serve etc YOU will receive back. You can’t not. It is an eternal universal law.
One of the ways and places I do this through the majority of publications on
A String of Pearls the Ezine for Women, by Women that I created and Edit.

Often it is as Jeff suggested, better to do your good works in secret.

Day 9: Connect

Making Friends
Finding fans
Earning patrons
– Due to the physical challenges I face I am abundantly grateful for social media. I have friends all over the world.
– Blog challenges have helped me find fans, but they quickly become friends.
– Patrons – hmm this is a challenge and partly because it is rather new to me.
To be true I am probably better at giving support then asking for it. Connecting is something I do easily.
Yet, something to think about…

Day 8: Building

Yes I have fallen behind, but I will complete this….it has a very thought-provoking and action inspiring challenge.

Not just start.
How do you eat an elephant? So,they joke goes. The answer? One teaspoon at a time.
How do you build a house? One carefully shaped perfectly sized brick at a time.
How do make a home? One loving selection, one special choice and one beautiful memory at a time.
How do you write a book. One word, one sentence one paragraph, one chapter at a time.
But they have to be down on paper or screen. In your head doesn’t count.
What am I finishing? This challenge.

The Journal Writer

Back here I posed a question. As I continued to read Les Miserables a project I set myself (which is mentioned in that same post) I began to find my answer…

Other reading shed further light and I finally found just who is telling the story. I was a little surprised to find it was a man. To find that it is Aiken.

I clicked over to HNSSydney on Facebook to discuss writing from a man’s point of view…did some research and now I am also reading Henry James ‘Daisy’ written in 1878.  I was actually surprised to locate this text online but I did and it was free.

All of this goes some way to explain why I have fallen behind in Jeff Goins 15 Day Challenge. But I am about to catch up and spring to the finish line.

This is what I imagine the more mature Aiken looks like…Yes it is George Clooney but in my head with a few adjustments to his appearance, this is Aiken Hopkins.

s o u r c e 

and this song’s lyrics evoke his love for one woman.

Day 7: Start

Here we are at Day 7 already. I’ve found this journey – so far – has caused some great insights and introspection.

Start Ugly. But start, now. 

‘Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.’
Francis of Assisi
I did a Google search for ‘Books written in one draft’ and it came up empty.
As the daughter of an architect I can tell you blue prints are not so very attractive; nor the skeleton of a house. But you have do create those ‘ugly’ parts before you can layer over the aspects that allow you to add colour, pattern, texture and your personal vision to create the beauty that is your home.
I’m still building the structure of my story. But the other day I came across a corner of installed plaster- board awaiting my decoration. It was just a small area.
I am researching and reading about my decor options.