Day 15. Serve

Jeff Goins suggests that Service to the reader is the final step in this challenge.

He writes ‘You need to reach out, be a resource, offer to use your words to help someone in need.’

I believe I am doing that….

He then suggests service to to and between writers:

The challenge

Are you ready to be generous and start serving your audience? Here are a few ideas to get you started (pick at least one):

  1. Do a giveaway of a product or service. Find authors or organizations wanting to partner with people like you, and ask them for donations. Do this to build trust with readers, and make sure whatever you give away adds value.
  2. Conduct a survey. Find out what readers (or perfect strangers) want, what they struggle with, and create something just for them. This can be a blog series or an eBook or a whatever. Just make sure there’s a need for it before you make it.
  3. Write something important and give it away. Publish an eBook to Amazon and distribute it through the KDP Select Program. Or offer a free PDF in exchange for people subscribing to your blog.
  4. Answer all correspondence. Respond to every single email, phone call, tweet, etc. Do this until you can’t possibly keep up anymore.

I am in thinking mode now as I consider how to proceed with this excellent idea.

Thanks for the challenge Jeff, and the inspiration. And thanks to my new readers and social media followers for finding me….