Day 14: Brand

Creating a Brand….
This involves the total Mis en scene. Link
Everything that can be seen and heard in relation to your name. Your writer’s name. your book title, images etc.
I created this Blog for the book The Avalon Journals. I also created a Board on Pinterest to share images in harmony with my writing. I took the POV of being a potential movie producer of this book of mine.

And over the years I developed a signature. The other day I was signing a prescription and the staff member commented that she loved my signature. I told her that I hoped to be signing it all over my published books. This led to a great conversation where I learned about her unwell daughter who it now appears to be an inspirational song writer.
What works for you? Would Joanne Rowling have been as  successful as JK Rowling?
Who will you be?


Welcome and why

This is the Blog for the book trilogy that is fast becoming a series,that I have been writing for many years. Excerpts from ‘The Avalon Journals’ recently were shared through the A-Z Challenge in the Ezine ‘A String of Pearls’.

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I am the Creator Editor and Publisher of that site. I also write for it.